Lubuntu Blog: Lubuntu Zesty Zapus Final Beta has been released!

Lubuntu Zesty Zapus Final Beta (soon to be 17.04) has been released! We have a couple papercuts listed in the release notes, so please take a look. A big thanks to the whole Lubuntu team and contributors for helping pull this release together. You can grab the images from here: Read more:

Dustin Kirkland: Ubuntu and The Classroom Connection

Dustin Kirkland leads Product Management at Canonical for Ubuntu, from the Cloud to IoT commercial offerings. Dustin is an active maintainer and contributor to many open source projects, including Byobu and eCryptFS. At IBM, Dustin produced 75+ patents, including QWERsive (the technology behind “Swype” keyboards), and created the Orange Box (10-node portable cloud hardware). Formerly […]