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Apple Batal Jual iPhone Bekas Berlisensi, Kenapa Ya?

Salah satu solusi dari Apple buat ngatasin harga iPhone yang kemahalan di India adalah dengan ngejual hape bekas mereka yang berlisensi. Tapi, ternyata rencana Apple buat ngejual iPhone bekas langsung ditolak mentah-mentah sama pemerintah India. Di sebuah konferensi pers, Menteri India Nirmala Sitharaman bilang kalo pemerintahnya menolak offer Apple buat ngejual iPhone daur ulang di […]

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Liquidation and Store Closing Sales Don’t Automatically Mean Lower Prices

When a store goes out of business (like Sports Authority’s new closing), they generally have some decent sales to get absolved of all their merchandise. However, these “liquidation sales” can be dubious as Consumerist points out. Contrary to renouned belief, a murder sale doesn’t indispensably meant equipment are during stone bottom prices. Consumerist explains how […]

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When birthday parties turn holy birthday months

The birthday celebration is in predicament — and it’s not removing improved anytime soon. As children, birthday parties were simple, superb affairs. Your relatives fed we supermarket cake on beautifully branded, cosmetic tablecloths and prayed that we didn’t hurt a whole eventuality by casually great or vomiting. But millennials took those elementary pleasures for granted, […]

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