Kubuntu General News: Kubuntu Podcast #20 – Pootle, Second Life and Ubuntu-Make

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Ovidiu-Florin Bogdan

Rick Timmis

Aaron Honeycutt (Video/Audio Podcast Production)


What have we (the hosts) been doing ?

  • Aaron
    • Playing with the Amazon Echo Dot
    • Playing Firewatch
  • Rick
    • Working on Porting Kdevelop Xdebug plugin to KF5
  • Ovidiu
    • On sick leave (have the Flu) (and so does Simon :P)
    • Got some new tools and my woodworking shop is almost usable
    • Tried to compile KMail for 2 days (to add a new functionality)
    • Working on official Docker image for Pootle (step towards getting Pootle in Kubuntu and KDE)

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