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Hack Lets PS4 Run Linux

Hacking team fail0verflow final week demonstrated a penetrate of Sony’s PlayStation 4 diversion console that allows anyone regulating a alteration to run a Linux OS on a appliance. The demo was partial of a lightning speak eventuality during a 32nd Chaos Communication Congress. The hackers used exploits in FreeBSD, PS4’s handling complement and WebKit, that […]

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Top 6 open source CRM collection for 2016

Developing and progressing relations with business can be a challenge. But it’s an essential charge for businesses’ growth and survival. In sequence to say those relationships, a CRM complement is a must-have. And CRM systems are one area in that open source shines brightly. When we initial took a demeanour during a tip open source CRM systems back in […]

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Black Duck Intros Container Scanning

Black Duck Software on Tuesday announced it has combined to a Hub module container-scanning capabilities that let users map open source confidence flaws for applications, Linux distros, and other module in Docker and other Linux containers. Adding a containerized scanner to a Docker horde enables involuntary marker of famous open source vulnerabilities in all layers […]

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